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Navco Moves You!

Even way back in the 1990s, Peter Meuter and Aldwin van der Voort were closely involved with the development and sale of car accessories at renowned multinationals like Philips Car Systems, VDO Car Communication, Siemens VDO Automotive and Continental.

Their tasks are clearly set out within Navco International.

Aldwin is responsible up front (sales & business development). While Peter has taken on the back office load. And both are proactively supported by the ambitious, professional NAVCO TEAM.

Our drive?

Our goal is to enhance the driving experience, safety and comfort for both the driver as well as the passengers.

As T 1 automotive supplier of high-quality, customised and integrated solutions, our focus is firmly on OEM/OES, PDI and conversion projects. Together with our network of partners throughout the world, we deliver innovation exclusively to European and national car importers.

We are extremely proud of our extensive track record on a host of projects.

So, get in! Let’s boost your ride, drive your brand and lift customer satisfaction…. together.

Get in touch with Aldwin van der Voort for a completely non-committal orientation.
He will only be too pleased to tell you about all the options and can be reached at:
T: +31(0)88 007 4600 
E: aldwin@navco.nl