Mazda led interior lights

As a partner of Mazda Europe we received the request to develop a dedicated LED bulb kit for each actual car line. Regarding exterior lighting, basic halogen light units are more and more replaced by Xenon Headlights and recently by high tech design LED head lights, tail lights and other functional light units.
Also on the interior side LED is making a nice entrance, but is not yet a common factory fitted solution.

For that reason Mazda took the initiative, in collaboration with Navco, to develop a dedicated LED bulb kit for each actual car line, Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, MX-5 and MazdaCX-5, resulting in a very attractive modern interior at low investment cost.

Why LED, Why Navco?

Why LED:
- Much higher light output compared to halogen lighting
- Much lower power consumption
- Much longer lifetime of the bulbs (50,000 hours)
- Available in different color temperatures (advice 6000K)

Product details:
- Easy replacement of all the light bulbs
- Automatic dimming function remains
- Of course no consequences for other electronic components or Canbus system
- High comfort, low investment!
- CE approved
- 3 year warranty

Dedicated kit available for each car line

Protective customized box with…

- Installation manual 
- Inner label showing the installation position of each bulb
- All bulbs are individually embedded in protective foam parts

The result: added-value, low investment costs and a very appealing and modern interior.


As we assume other car brands are studying such a concept as well, we shared with you this Mazda Case Study, to raise your interest in this smart and attractive proposition that can also make your car lines more attractive to your target audience.

Co-Creation can be an excellent way to discover new market opportunities, push product branding in new directions, or establish a presence in a completely new area. 

Did you know that most progressive businesses are now starting co-creation projects to help drive innovation.

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