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DAB+ Standard

Towards the first FM switch off! In the future DAB+ will be the new “standard” broadcasting.
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EBU released a new outlook on market for DIGITAL RADIO 2016. As a courtesy, Navco provides you on our website a download link to this report (PDF).
The report gives a very insightful view on the most recent developments for DAB+ in Europe on higher level but also on country level.

Highlighting the main achievements for digital radio in Europe over the past 12 months.
You can download the complete EBU report using the download link below.



Digital radio is making significant advances across Europe with national services now firmly established in the UK, Norway,
Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

Recent months have seen several important developments for DAB digital radio:
Norway will have Digital Switchover (DSO) in 2017
Switzerland has announced its plans for DSO between 2020 and 2024
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