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More information about DAB+

What is DAB+?

DAB+ Digital Audio Broadcast
DAB+ stands for listening via a digital signal.

Why DAB+

A wider choice of stations
Improved audio quality
Easy tuning
Improved traffic and travel information
Interactive visual radio

Be prepared

With a DAB+ radio you are prepared for the future. Towards the first FM switch off!
In the future DAB+ will be the replacement of FM in all countries. So if you buy a new car be sure that it has DAB+ otherwise you cannot listen to your radio in the future.

The sound

The sound of a DAB radio is clear like a CD quality.
For example with FM if the reception is less good the sound will crack and is not clear.
With DAB+ it is different: you will have a perfect reception or no reception at all.

How is my country covered in DAB+