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DAB+ Project Management

Managing projects to success!

One of our key strengths is successfully bringing innovation by managing complex projects in automotive. We have an extensive network of
qualified and certified manufacturers and technology partners that support us in creating the ultimate solution.

This can be a custom made solution but also a cross car line solution

Each project is managed by a special, multi disciplinary project team. Since 2008, Navco has been working closely and exclusively with
car importers in developing and releasing innovative solutions.

Each project is managed from the start of development till release including our after service and support, whether it is for OES 
after sales or special PDI / car sales projects.

We work with TS and ISO certified manufacturing partners and our integral project management includes
- Product design
- Development & Tooling
- Testing and validation
- Fitting tests & release
- Manufacturing, warehousing (EU) and shipping
- After service and support