Because of our extensive experience with car sales and after sales divisions within car importers, Navco International perfectly understands what car importers expect from us. We translated this experience into our 5 stars promise. Navco International as OE worthy partner is within this promise the reference.

New proposition development & project management. Navco International is always working on new propositions for car importers to capture arising market opportunities. Especially for new propositions, it's essential that the process from beginning till the end is monitored closely. We manage new proposition development both on product level as well as on commercial level. This combined approach ensures the best results in the market.

Active commercial support. Navco International is always working on new propositions for car importers to capture arising opportunities in the market. Introducing a new solution is however only one step in the process towards succesfully bringing a product to market. Given the extensive experience of Navco International with new product introductions and support to the dealer channels of car importers, we will always try to find ways to actively support and stimulate the sales of our custom made solutions.

Versatility & flexibility. Some market demands can be clearly identified long before they become relevant, however the most challenging projects are those that suddenly arise at our customer level. In order to react effectively to these demands Navco International is extremely versatile and flexible. This means that we can act brand independent and develop complete new solutions from scratch within short time frames.

Compliance & quality. Navco International demands the highest levels of quality and integration and for this reason; we only work with carefully selected manufacturers from both Europe and Asia. For all of our projects we only work with partners that have shown a good track record within automotive. For quality control and compliance, two very important and indispensable aspects, Asia Inspection and Product IP are our well experienced partners.

OE warranty conditions, after service & support. Given our extensive track record in the automotive market and more specifically the car importer market, we are fully aware that both on product as well as service level, OE is our reference. For warranty this means that Navco International offers 3 year warranty on most products based on a product exchange policy which ensures that both dealers and consumers have the least worries. We also have a full service helpdesk that consists of skilled employees that support both importers and the official dealer channels.